Thursday, January 13, 2011

hey, beautiful.

actually the title itself represent the song of my favorite television show.
well, who cares.
lets get straight to the point.

I wanna share something.
she is my favourite.
Zooey Deschanel

one word.beautiful.

I still remembered in 2009, Ammar, Nabil and I skipped Miss Dhayas' IELTS class because of my idea of seeing my gorgeous heroin. 
It all started when we went to Bans' open house.exactly at 10.30p.m (bapak tepat) on our way back home (we take the train cos there's no more room for us in anyone car), we can made it actually I said hey, wanna do something crazy?, let go watch 500 days of summer and its a miracle as nabil said ok and amar too. haha. BTW, our college had curfew until 11.00 pm.
we watched midnight movie that day. thanks to those guys. I will repay you back somehow in the future.
put the blame on me if you guys want to cos we planned only to watch the movie but not what to do after that.
so, we walk around searching for a place to sleep. x tido sgt pun cos banyak nyamuk. (tido kat masjid).
sorry bil n ama. =D
the point is, I(we) went through all that just because of her. hahah
zooey deschanel.
well, I think it was worth it.
sorry miss Dhaya, we then struggled for our IELTS.

oh, about her I mean Zooey.
I think many of my close friends knows about us.haha *perasan lebey =p
xdela gurau2 je.
the truth is i fell in love with her since the first time I saw The New Guy.
then I saw Yes Man.
who is this this girl with the cute face and the sexy voice.haha
she keep running into my mind.hahaha 
then, apa lagi GOOGLE la. hoho
sory guys, i know im such an idiot.

then, dapat tau her next movie is called 500 days of summer.
thats why nak sangat tengok.hehe
she is also in a band called She and Him.

sweet voice.

what a perfect woman.haha

and thats how I fell in love..(again)..

*and BTW im the hero in 500 days of summer.
believe me

hey, beautiful.

zooey, ily. 


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